Where did all this come from?

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I got started in photography when I was nine years old. I know it sounds silly but for my ninth birthday I received a camera from my parents, a Canon AE-1 and I began to see the world around me differently. My mom had a beautiful garden that I found myself photographing as I was trying to learn what the camera could do.

I found shapes, lines, angles, shadows and light and being able to see these subjects created into a photograph amazed me.

I continued to create images, but I didn’t consider a career in photography until I took what I thought would be a “blow off” class in college. It was a 3D sculpture class; this class blew my mind in a way that sparked a fire in me again. It was then that I understood what I wanted to do for a living, I wanted to be a photographer.

I called my parents to tell them, my father I don’t think quite understood, my mother was thrilled. My father was a brilliant man, a numbers guy in the finance world so pretty much a linear thinker, my mom was a wonderful artist of her own. I wanted to get both of their approval, so I went for a degree in Photojournalism. I thought that was a way to make money and create at the same time, something my father would approve of.

I worked for a small newspaper and was a stringer and sold some pieces to AP early on and I saw through my work what and how the images I captured affected people. The very first set of images I sold to AP were (while I was in school) of the funeral for a child that was killed in a brutally tragic car accident at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The accident made the national news less than a week earlier. I was in school at Columbia College in Chicago when all this happened and I learned almost more that day when I captured those images than I had in my years of school. I still think about that day and the impact it had on me not only as a photojournalist, as a photographer but also as a human. It was at that moment that I truly understood the power of photography and telling a story through my images.

I loved photographing stories and I still love following Documentary Photographers and seeing Photojournalist’s images that are powerful and touching and emotional; telling the story of where they are. I applaud them but I wanted to create something from nothing, so I moved into commercial photography and to motion, that’s where I am now.

Thanks for hanging out here with me for a couple minutes, please leave me a note if you care to, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time….peace.

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